Software Development, Programming and Technical Services

Quad Computer Services Ltd have provided software development and programming in Sheffield and South Yorkshire since 1987. We ensure we understand our clients' business processes in order to deliver the best-fit solution for the project. We can work independently or as part of a bigger team where necessary and have provided invaluable support for development teams in many Sheffield companies where extra resource is needed. This may be due to a gap in knowledge or needing more "hands on deck" to see a project through.
We help make your business processes flow more smoothly. A common starting point is replacing tired Excel spreadsheets with robust systems. People often ask "Which company is best for software development?" We say "look no further".

More Information for Specific Sectors

We've found that some sectors benefit greatly from our bespoke software. These pages provide more detailed information.

Quad Will Create The Systems You Need

Our goal from the outset is to understand how your organisation works, then help to identify the pain points. Once these are identified, we can advise how time and money can be saved along with better reliability and accessibility by developing software to your needs. This leaves you to get on with you're good at, while we continue to provide you with what we're good at: software and PC programming.

Our software is written in-house by our developers. We'll give you options, if needed, to suit your budgets and timescales. We can support the software and its application once completed and enhance it and alter it as your business develops and changes. Our PC programs can integrated with other areas including Office and other software applications as well as linking to hardware and other systems in the cloud.

Quad Offer Development in a Variety of Computer Languages

We offer resources in a variety of languages and development environments mainly: 

  • Visual Studio.Net technologies - C Sharp (C#) and VB
  • Foxpro, Visual Foxpro, Pegasus Opera
  • JavaScript, HTML, AJAX
  • SQL Server
  • Up-sizing to SQL Server (in VB, VFP and dot net)

Legacy Systems

We also have extensive knowledge of legacy systems and conversion: 

  • Visual Basic and Access
  • C++
  • Oracle
  • Sea-Change, New Horizons

Software Development We have encountered many other languages and databases in our past work and can often help with legacy systems when in-house knowledge has been lost. Whether you need a single programmer to cover for sickness or holidays, through to a long term contract for a project with a deadline that just has to be met, call QCS and we can discuss your requirements.  We can also offer technical consultancy and project management, if required.

Operating System Support

We provide expertise in the main operating systems in use today including:

  • Microsoft Windows Server (all versions)
  • Microsoft Small Business Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • All Windows desktop versions

Programming, Consultancy and Training Services

Quad can help and advise in all aspects of the software development cycle:

  • Analysis and Design
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Data Conversion
  • Implementation & Training

Use us for it all, or just the components you need. We have provided expert assistance to a number of IT companies, both large and small organisations.


We have a wide variety of sizes and types of clients and are used to providing exactly what is needed. See our potfolio for just a few examples of clients we are helping with their IT resources.