Leased Lines, Business Broadband and ADSL in Sheffield

We can provide a managed leased line in order to connect your business to the internet and provide better, dedicated bandwidth as needed. Installation and packages vary based on location so call us now to find out our competitive rates and how our connection packages compare. We will advise on the most suitable package to ensure your connection remains secure. Robustness and reliability come as standard. If a problem occurs or changes are needed, you'll speak to someone who knows you and your business, not a soulless call centre or web portal.

Business Broadband and ADSL

Many of our clients have benefited from our experience and expertise in ensuring that they get a package which fits their needs. All too often, we are called to sites struggling with a broadband connection which was never intended for the job it is being made to do. Customers who need a fixed IP address, get a fixed IP address. We can arrange an ADSL broadband connection to your home or to your business.  We can then provide the tools needed so that you easily, securely and reliably connect from home to work or from one site to another. Call us now to find out our competitive rates and how our connection packages compare.

Connecting Without a Leased Line or Telephone Line

Sometimes a leased line or phone line is uneconomical to install in a remote or rural area, or the ADSL speeds are just not good enough, or the service is unreliable. There are other options to consider including satellite and 4G connectivity. We can advise on the best choice for your situation.

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