IT Support Sheffield for Businesses and Organisations

IT Support Sheffield

Quad will support your IT infrastructure, both in terms of hardware (PCs, laptops, servers and network) and software support. Our IT support services for businesses in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and the surrounding areas will help your business achieve its goals, because we have already helped similar businesses to achieve theirs.

Flexibility is one of our key beliefs and we make our solutions flexible so that your business processes flow through our solutions, they don't get held-up or altered by obstacles put in their way.

If you need changes to your existing setup or require support, you'll speak to someone who knows you and knows your business, not an anonymous call centre or web portal. We endeavour to build an understanding of how your business needs to function in order to advise you of the best options which will improve the way your business performs.

"We had issues and concerns over the reliability and capacity of our email provision. We were also concerned over the amount a new email server might cost, along with the headaches of ensuring it was always available. Quad migrated over 100 mailboxes to their Hosted Exchange service which can grow with us. We now see our emails, contacts and calendars on all our devices no matter where we are. We have also engaged Quad to manage our data server systems and backup provision which is operating smoothly with excellent customer service."

Chris, Associate at a large firm of UK-wide architects

Maintenance and IT Support Services - Sheffield

What happens if things go wrong? IT infrastructure is essential to most businesses, so you need to make sure you have the correct practices in place. You need the hardware which will provide the best resilience for your needs, but at and affordable price and that will provide a solution for many years. We can provide a solution that best fits your organisation and your budget. We can also "dial-in" and help fix problems online remotely without having to perform a site visit - saving time and money. We can provide in-house IT support and visit regularly to perform workshops or trouble-shooting to keep the cogs oiled.

Our extensive range of clients in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and the surrounding areas rely on us and our services to keep them going. And we do. And we have done successfully since 1987. Read our Support Case Study

Safeguarding Data - Backups

We will also advise on strategies for backing-up important data. What would happen if the PC you are using to read this stopped working for two days? Are all your important documents backed-up? Can you still fulfill all your business process? Often, action is only taken after a failure of a piece of hardware, but acting now will ensure your work doesn't become irrecoverable.

Be sure to keep your anti-virus and spyware defences up to date. See our Spyware and Malware advice pages for more information.

Helpful Guides page to find solutions and help on maintaining a healthy PC. For IT Support Sheffield, call Quad now on 0114 201 3950 to see how we can help you.