Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange Email Services

Do you want to manage and synchronise emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks from multiple devices? Microsoft Exchange allows these things to be stored centrally ("in the cloud") and means a user using a phone, tablet, PC and laptop will see an automatically synchronised view.

For the smaller company, Exchange can prove expensive. Now, with Hosted Exchange, cost becomes a secondary consideration with prices starting from just £5 per mailbox per month.

  • Check and organise your emails on your phone/tablet - no need to repeat things once you are at your desk
  • Get calendar items synchronised across multiple devices
  • Check your email and calendar from any PC using a web browser
  • Emails, calendar, contacts are backed-up to prevent loss of data
  • Organise from Android, iPhone, iPad or Windows Smart Phone
  • Smaller businesses can give a better impression by having email accounts on their domain, rather than GMail, Yahoo!, BTInternet or Hotmail (you don't work for them, do you?)
    • rather than
  • Available with Spam and Anti-Virus Filtering

To start migrating to a Hosted Exchange Server, contact Quad on 0114 201 3950.

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