Access for Home Workers and "Remote" Offices

Being able to get at their files whilst on the road or at home allows our remote working customers to :-

  • Meet tighter deadlines and get the edge on sales
  • Check information and improve customer response times
  • Provide flexibility for working patterns
  • Reduce travel costs
  • Maximise face to face time whilst in the office

Communicating between Head Office and Depots

With a workforce and sites scattered across the country or even the world, our clients can work as if they are in the next room. Being able to share the files and information necessary and for the information to be "on demand" rather than waiting for someone to email a file allows our clients :-

  • Improve communication
  • Reduce the time taken to do things

Applications and data can be located centrally, allowing head office to easily manage the depots.

Providing the Solution

By doing these things, our customers gain a competitive edge. We provide a secure, reliable and robust remote solution. Our remote connectivity case study explains how we help businesses in Sheffield and South Yorkshire connect their sites.

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