Web Hosting and Web Design in Sheffield

Quad understand that a website can be many different things to different organisations.  For some, a simple "web presence" is all that is required.  For others, the web site is the business.  We cater for all web hosting needs.

Integrating with Business Processes

Here at Quad, we thrive on making your business streamlined. We have helped many of our clients reduce costs and increase productivity by analising the business processes in line with the IT systems. By adapting web sites and back offices, we are able to link the two to

  • Reduce data processing times
  • Increase productivity
  • Minimise errors when re-entering data (for example entering invoices)

We can capture the data from one system and present it in a format suitable for another.

E-commerce and Linked E Commerce Websites

The modern internet provides the tech-savvy business with opportunities to integrate one site from to another. Some business can offer "feeds" of stock levels and price list which can be automatically picked up by you. By being ahead of the game and getting up to the minute information, you can beat the competition by getting the most accurate, up to date information. Your customers too can align their business to the information you can offer in this way.
We understand that e-commerce is more than just a website selling products. A website can be a mine of information for customers and suppliers. Aligning their business and creating stable relationships which are mutually beneficial. Being able to track what customers are doing and comparing how different layouts and promotions perform can be crucial, and we can help to monitor and analyse these scenarios.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We constantly strive to keep on top on the latest developments to ensure our customers' websites are found by their intended audiences. We cannot guarantee your site "will be at the top of Google" as some establishments may claim. We can, however, guide and advise on the best practices in order to ensure that your website is useful and gets found using key phrases.

A Simple Web Presence

Some organisations and companies require a simple "web presence" in order to put some simple details on the internet. We are happy to help in the design and hosting of these sites. We provide web design and web hosting for businesses in Sheffield and South Yorkshire. We also happily advise on internet strategies including help with designing and creating blogs and online forums.

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