Secure Electronic Banking and BACS


Whether you need to pay suppliers, or run the payroll, BACS is a secure, controlled and efficient medium for making payments and collecting funds. The BACS service will make any Sterling to Sterling transfer for payment or collection over a minimum 3 day cycle. This gives organisations the ability to increase security, save cost, reduce workloads and makes bank reconciliation a simple one tick process.
We offer various products for clients wishing to make, or collect, payments by BACS. Selecting the best product depends on various factors including volume of transactions and the type of transaction, ie. Payments, Receipts or both. We would be pleased to help you to assess your requirements and recommend the most appropriate packages.

BACS Standalone Payment Software

Fully approved by BACS, seamless and easy integration with back office systems, a payments management suite frees up your time, reduces your risk and exposure to fraud, and rapidly optimises your purchase to pay and order to cash cycles. It interfaces directly with your accounts system to allow your organisation to make payments and collections electronically via BACS. It processes the appropriate files and automatically templates payment or collection information into the format required. It then authorises the transaction through secure, password-controlled screens using card, reader and PIN and then efficiently and securely handles all BACS transmission requirements, including the receipt of online acceptance advices. Finally, the system processes your payments and collections within the usual three-day cycle.

Key benefits

  • Reduced cost of payment processing
  • Approved by BACS
  • Total control over all your payments enabling easier legislation compliance and reducing your exposure to fraud
  • Exploit payment and collection facilities such as:
    • Direct Credits - weekly wages, monthly payroll
    • Credit card payments
    • NI and PAYE
    • Mortgages contributions
    • Lease payments - Pension
    • Rent collection payments/contributions
    • Subscription payments - Supplier/Purchase
    • Direct Debit collections
    • AUDDIS instructions
    • Monthly salaries

BACS Support Services

Quad offers a full range of support services to BACS users including:

Installation, Training & Testing

We carry out all of the necessary form-filling, liaison with BACS suppliers and your bank and install the software at your site. Our engineers then carry out the necessary transmission tests to BACS and train your staff in the use of the system and relevant procedures.

Annually Renewed Technical Support

This service is mandatory with all BACS installations due to the critical nature of the tasks performed by the software. Service includes telephone support to help ensure that your payments/collections are made. Optional extra provision can be made (in advance, on request) to provide a fall back solution, should technical or other issues prevent your BACS transmission.
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