Quad Help to Remotely Connect to your Main Office

A Secure and Reliable Remote Connection

We take the security of our data very seriously. Without compromising on speed or reliability, we needed a solution which allowed remote workers to connect to the office securely. Quad were able to provide us with the correct ADSL package, along with the hardware needed to connect the sites. Quad provide excellent value for their first-rate services allowing our remote workers to complete their jobs from home.

Passing Information Over The Internet

The diagram below shows how the Internet works. Every device on the Internet, whether it's your own PC or a huge web service like Google has an IP address. The intermediate networks pass your data to the next 'hop' on the way to your destination. If you follow the red or green lines, you can see that your data is passing through several other public routers, and therefore through the hands of many unknown networks, any of whom could monitor and store your data without you ever knowing.
How the internet works
So, you can send data between your office and factory directly across the Internet, but you certainly wouldn't want to.
You need some way of ensuring that your data can pass through the internet without it being "read" by the routers through which it passes. You need to make this network private. This can be done by creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Creating a Virtual Private Network

Two remote sites (say your Sheffield and Doncaster offices) can appear to have a private connection between their two networks but actually, the data is passing over the Internet. Using a system called tunnelling, a device at each end bundles up all data intended for the other site, encrypts it and passes it over. Your computers still cannot be reached from the outside world, except through the VPN tunnel. That VPN tunnel has only two ends - one in your Sheffield office, the other at your Doncaster office.
VPN Internet Expample between offices
Once you have a VPN, your network users can still access the Internet and surf the web normally - all Internet traffic passes freely outside of the VPN tunnel. You can have multiple VPN tunnels, each one to a different remote location. The use of the word 'tunnel' is very helpful in understanding the concept; although the data is still passing over the public Internet, it's all inside the tunnel which cannot be decoded or intercepted by any of the intermediate Internet locations. Your data is secure.

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We, at Quad, understand that different organisations have different requirements when it comes to remote working. We have years of experience and many sites installed, so we can tailor a secure, reliable and robust solution to suit you.