Supporting You When You Need It

Creating and Supporting a Reliable and Robust IT Infrastructure

"Having a reliable, robust IT system is a fundamental part of our organisation's day-to-day workflow. Quad work closely with us to ensure problems are avoided by monitoring and advising as our systems evolve. Quad are able to speak a language that everyone here can understand and this enables us to make good decisions based on the information we have. Quad's flexibility also allows us to be flexible as requirements change. Quad are also happy to liaise with other third parties to ensure that our needs are met."  - Large Housing Association

Helping You Ease the Headaches

What if your computer stopped working?

What happens if things go wrong? IT infrastructure is essential to most businesses, so you need to make sure you have the correct practices and safeguards in place should part of that infrastructure fail. You need the hardware and software which will provide the best resilience for your requirements.
At Quad, we can provide a solution that best fits your organisation and your budget. Using the latest technology, we are able to monitor your system remotely and often fix problems without having to perform a site visit. We can also perform preventative maintenance so that everything continues to run smoothly and reduces the risk of failure. Having a support contract in place will ensure peace of mind knowing that we'll be able to review your problem within an agreed timescale.

Backup Advice and Disaster Recovery Services

We're here to keep your IT doing what it's meant to

We advise organisations about suitable strategies for backing-up important data. What would happen if your PC or server stopped working? Are all your important documents backed-up? Are you 100% sure they can be recovered from the last backup you took? When did you last test it? How quickly do you need to be up and running? Often, action is only taken after a failure of a piece of hardware. We are frequently called to businesses that have lost months of work because their plan was implemented but never tested.

What to do Next...Get in touch!

We, at Quad, understand that different organisations have different requirements when it comes to remote working. We have years of experience and many sites installed, so we can tailor a solution to suit you.