Software Development - Business Administration - Sheffield

Quad Computer Services Ltd provide bespoke software to help organisations in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and the surrounding areas. We can help streamline your business process creating or replace software which is no longer fit for purpose. Whatever the process, if it seems inefficient, we can help improve how it fits into your organisation. We can help identify which areas will be improved most and the costs involved, so that the areas with the best return on investment can be prioritised. Where legacy systems (either in-house or off the shelf) do not function as desired any longer, we can replicate or improve them. As your organisation grows, and your business processes change, so the software can change to meet your needs. The software could be web-based, where access is needed whilst out on the road or in the field, or desktop-based, where only users in the office should use it.

Do you spend half your day trying to get a spreadsheet to work? If so, we can help analyse what the spreadsheet should be doing and replace it with a robust, reliable piece of software which does the job. You'll no longer have to work out who deleted the spreadsheet or why it no longer works the way you thought it did. Instead your new, bespoke software will do what it's supposed to, leaving you to do what you're supposed to.