Convert Your Tired Excel-based Business Processes

A Bespoke Application to Match Your Business Processes

Off the shelf packages are great for mainstream business sectors and can prove great value for money. We know this, because we work with Pegasus Opera 3 to provide many facets of a business's needs.

Many companies require things organising "their way" and often have Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and Access database alongside their off the shelf applications. These often evolve over time. The person who set them up moves on, or simply does not have time anymore to maintain them. The business suffers, because the spreadsheet isn't up to the job.

That's where Quad come in. We can look at the solution you have and tailor a bespoke application to do the job. Usually more quickly, more reliably and more robustly. The application can usually bring added benefits of having multi-user access, being able to track "who did what?" and avoiding the situation we've seen many times where the crucial spreadsheet gets deleted.

Making IT Better

We have helped a number of organisations, large and small, to streamline how they perform many of their every day tasks. Reducing repetitive tasks and freeing up time to focus on the job in hand, not the time-consuming effort of keying-in data a third time.

We can often link systems together, extracting data enter in one system and putting it in another, reducing re-keying errors and saving time. If business processes change, we can alter your application to do your job accordingly. This is another time-consuming task often put off by a company, when a key member of staff is busy.

And it doesn't have to cost the earth. Because we've done this before, we have a suite of tools to make the job quicker, more reliable and better value. Get in touch with us now at Quad and we can start giving your business the competitive edge.

Conversion of Existing, Legacy Systems

We can convert existing systems into a new desktop or web-based application. So if you need your application converting from Access to SQL, we can help.