Pegasus Opera 3 - SQL SE (Server Edition)

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Opera 3 SQL SE is the newest addition to the Opera 3 family. Built on the solid foundation of Microsoft SQL server, it gives you the familiar look of Opera 3 with the added power, security and reliability of Microsoft's SQL server database.


Opera 3 SQL SE uses Microsoft SQL Server to provide data storage giving you first class security.

One size does not fit all

Opera 3 SQL SE has been designed with customisation in mind, so it is easy to deploy third party apps created by developers.

Server-side processing and scheduling

Many key operations can be scheduled to save you considerable amounts of time.

Reporting roles

This new feature takes your reporting to the next level offering greater security as reporting roles dictate who can view certain information.

This is an exciting time for Pegasus users and there has never been a better time to move to Opera 3 SQL SE. We wanted to take this opportunity to share what the future Opera 3 SQL SE looks like:

  • Upgraded easy-to-use user interface
  • Standard and custom Dashboards for greater reporting and decision making
  • Invoice Digital Capture
  • Digital Procurement and Analytics
  • Banking improvements with auto reconciliation
  • Data connector for extended business intelligence
  • Opera 3 SQL SE and CIS 5 integration
  • Sales pipeline management for better visibility of the sales process
  • Plus moreā€¦
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More Information on Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE

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