Bespoke Software Solutions in Pegasus Opera 3

Customising Pegasus Opera3 Software

Pegasus Opera II is a leading "out of the box" business and accouting software solution. It is highly-configurable and can be shaped to improve, and work with, your business processes. We work closely with our clients to make the solution work, improve their efficiency, drive down costs and help them deliver their products and services.

Some businesses and organisations require an extra bit of functionality in order to give them the competitive edge. That"s where Quad can help businesses in Sheffield and South Yorkshire to create a solution that is right for them. We can add extra pieces of information to the feature-rich screens in Opera II and get information out to help decision makers. Repetitive tasks can be minimised and data entry duplication can be eliminated - preventing errors and saving time.

Moulding the Solution To Your Processes

We mould the highly-flexible Opera 3 system to you and your business processes. We want to understand how your business functions and we will align the software to it. In the unlikely event the in-built settings and modules don"t quite align, we can create bespoke modules for your Opera II software.  This could be anything from storing enhanced information on stock items to complete solutions handling the technical sides of your business.  We can create a module within Opera 2 or link an external application (existing or new) to Opera 2.  This can often reduce time spent on repetive tasks keying data into multiple systems, multiple times, leaving you more time to do what you do best. Contact Quad now to determine the best solution for your situation.

Completely Bespoke Software

We have written many software applications for organisations in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. These organisations range from "one man band" companies requiring high levels of efficiency, to large organisations who recognised that harnessing computer power gives them the leading edge. These can also be linked to Opera 3, from e-commerce packages to time-recording. We can create customised software to help move data from one application to another.

Quad PayScales - School Payroll

Using HMRC-accredited Opera payroll software and adding our bespoke screens, we have create Quad PayScales. This allows you to run a school payroll simply and quickly. Staff grades are stored and each employee assigned the relevant grade(s) for the job(s) they do. The pay is then calculated and Pegasus Opera does the rest.

More Information

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