Quad Spamfilter


SpamFilter is Quad's innovation to keep unwanted emails from your inbox.  Referencing the latest lists of known "spammers", SpamFilter clears these emails out of your Inbox and into your Junk folder at the press of a button.

It's easy! At the touch of a button, all known spam is moved from your Inbox to your Junk folder. Alternatively, SpamFilter can automatically scan new emails for you.

SpamFilter is an add-on to Outlook which checks your Inbox against a database of known spammers. SpamFilter adds new functionality to your toolbar and one click moves all known spam email from your inbox to the junk folder, saving you the effort.  Alternatively, it can be set to scan your email as it arrives and automatically moves the spam with no need to click.

NB: SpamFilter does not work with Outlook Express.

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