A Selection of Our Most Popular Software Products

We have a number of "out of the box" solutions which we have developed and refined over the years.  Below is a brief list.

Quad Backup

A backup is often the last thing that people think of, until they have a disaster which needs to be recovered from.  Your recovery is only as good as your last backup: Do you know when your last backup was taken? Do you know if it worked? Have you tested it?

Quad Backup is a great way to backup your files, either from your PC to your server or from your office to our backup servers.  By backing-up off-site, you reduce your risks.

The backup program only backs up what has changed, so that a minimum amount of data has changed. 

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Quad SpamFilter SpamFilter is Quad's new innovation to keep unwanted emails from your inbox.  Referencing the latest lists of known "spammers", SpamFilter clears these emails out of your Inbox and into your Junk folder at the press of a button.  Contact us for a free trial of SpamFilter.

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