High Definition Video Conferencing Case Study

LifeSize High Definition (HD) Video Conferencing Case Study

LifeSize High Definition Video Conferencing Our customer kindly shared their example savings which made the purchase of LifeSize a simple decision. The benefits on top of the purely financial ones were icing on the cake.

"Staff based in Sheffield have regularly attended meetings in our London office and staff based in London regularly attend meetings in our Sheffield office, therefore with the video link now in place there will be a saving of £250 per person in respect of first class rail fares because they will be able to join the meetings via the video link. This in itself will realise savings of between £5,000 and £10,000 per year."

"In addition, the equipment will be used to link up with our overseas Investment Managers mainly based in the USA - a typical trip to the USA for one of our members of staff would result in them having to make appointments with at least 4 or 5 managers to make the trip cost effective - this means that their stay is extended to 4 working days, therefore it is envisage that savings in air fares and hotel accommodation will be realised - each trip is estimated to cost £4,000 per person (business class air fare and hotel) therefore based on only two trips considerable savings will be realised."

"Also savings will be made in the time of the person due to them not having to make the trip."

Demonstration of LifeSize High Definition HD Video Conferencing

LifeSize High Definition Video Conferencing

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