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IntelQuad Computer Services Ltd provide flexible IT solutions for businesses in what we know is an ever-changing environment. We tailor a solution to match your company's needs, rather than provide a solution around which your needs must fit. Founded in 1987, we have developed in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and the surrounding areas during that time.

Although we supply hardware and software, we realise that in itself, does not give our clients a reason to buy from us. Drawing from a vast range of experience and configurations, we seek to add value by ensuring that our clients buy the right products for the job and, once purchased, that those products continue to function as intended. We are keen to understand how your business functions and by doing this, we feel we can give the best solution possible.

Pegasus Partner - software services
Quad are a major supplier of the UK's market leading business and accounting software from Pegasus (including Opera II and CIS). We align this highly-configurable software to your business processes.

Software Development in Sheffield
At Quad we offer a variety of programming resources in many languages and development environments. We can create bespoke packages, alter your existing software or up-size or udpate existing, legacy applications. We offer consultancy services to help you make good business decisions. We can help replace an Excel document which is "creaking" under the strain with your very own in-house application.

Quad's IT support covers a large user-base of clients with applications that are at the very heart of their organisations including payrolls, accounting ledgers, e-commerce, email and many more. We mainly cover Sheffield and South Yorkshire, but also further afield - as far away as Ireland and Jersey. See Quad's portfolio for some examples of companies in Sheffield and further afield which we have helped.